The Dagbon Center for Leadership Development (DCLD) has reminded Government as a matter of urgency to compose the Statutory Boards for Tamale Technical University (TaTU) and Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH).

The call was contained in a press release signed by its Media and Liaison Coordinator Mohammed Sayibi on Thursday, 14th February, in Tamale.

The DCLD in its statement accused the government of neglecting these two biggest Institutions in Tamale after exactly two clear years in office.

The statement described the attitude of the Ministers of Health and Education as insensitive towards the people of the North.

The Center also accused MPs and Political Appointees in the Nana Akofu Addo led Government who hails from Dagbon for not showing particular interest in the growth of these critical Institutions in Tamale.

The statement queried why all Statutory Boards in the country has been formed whiles these two Institutions are still struggling to get their Boards. The statement asked, “what is keeping these BOARDS or are there shortages of qualified persons to be appointed into those BOARDS?”

The DCLD lamented how the absence of these Boards are seriously affecting the output particularly service delivery at Tamale Teaching Hospital. According to the DCLD, the absence of the Board at TTH has offered the Chief Executive Officer of the biggest health facility in the whole of Northern Region to have “blank cheque” where he takes critical decisions that would affect the hospital negatively in the future. It also observed that physical infrastructure and staffing is also a matter of worry if the Board is not composed.

The statement noted with worry how Tamale Technical University is bleeding as a result of the absence of this Board. According to the DCLD statement, the only technical University in Tamale is lagging behind in terms of mounting new degree programs to compete with other Technical Universities in the country.

The statement also observed that academic work is seriously downgraded because key Council Sub Committees that takes day to day decisions for the University is not in place. According to the statement, the entire University has been “stagnated” for the past two years.

The DCLD urged all stakeholders including Chiefs particularly, the New King of Dagbon, MPs, Political appointees, Youth Groups, Civil Society Organization, Religious leaders in and around Tamale to add their voices that would mount more pressure on the government to dually compose the Boards.

The DCLD is a Dagbon Think tank that is engaged in civil society and advocacy in Dagbon. The Center also promotes leadership development and capacity building for Dagbon stakeholders.

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