The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Professional Development on Saturday 15th December held their first entrepreneurship seminar for all categories of young people in Tamale. The Institute which is founded in the United Kingdom by a Ghanaian based academic and an internationally acclaimed entrepreneurial facilitator Dr. Abdulai Abdul Fatahi Kambala was to among other things introduce the various Entrepreneur modules in the Ghanaian system as well as engage the youth to start thinking of businesses instead of focusing on public sector jobs for employment.

The Seminar which held at the Northern Regional Library in Tamale was well patronized even though that was the first to be held in Tamale. The participants were mostly nurses, teachers, graduates from the various tertiary institutions, and a cross-section of the youth.

In his introductory remarks, the Executive Director of the Institute Dr. Abdulai Abdul Fatahi Kambala who also doubles as the facilitator indicated that the purpose for the seminar was to first of all break the norms and create new norms for the average Ghanaian to emulate. He said the kind of mindset the Ghanaian educational system has planted in the youth was a major reason why most people particularly the youth thinks that government is the sole agent of employment.

He said one of the objectives of the Institute is to psyche the Ghanaian that, what are required to commence a business venture were not necessarily money but ideas and knowledge. He basically spoke extensively on three key fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

He started by introducing to the participant the need for them to seek knowledge, especially specialized knowledge. He remaindered the participants that knowledge is power and not every knowledge is power but the specialized one. He said one vital consideration any person thinking of starting a business was to, first of all, seek in-depth knowledge on what he intend to get into. He further added that, the lack of expert knowledge before starting a business venture has greatly affected so many people to close down their ventures. He concluded by encouraging the participants to go search for the expert knowledge wherever they can find it before moving to the next step of establishing a business.

He also explained the concept of money. He said money was not necessarily meant for spending but for investment. He revealed that sophisticated people in life always save their money no matter how small it is and spend the rest. He said one key thing people should learn to ask entrepreneurs is how they made it and not ask them for money. He encouraged the participants to work very hard to have multiple incomes instead of relying on only one source of income.

He warned that, “single source of income to any person is very scary, dangerous and to some extent can even kill you”. He bemoaned the attitude of people always resulting in tears to solve their financial predicaments and said: “tears do not solve problems you are the architect of your life”. He also indicated that the idea that business is meant for a category of people should be erased moving forward. He remaindered the participants that prosperity is human beings birthright and that is why God in his wisdom created human beings as the only creature to be engaged in social and economic enterprises. He challenged the participants to create their own system of value and money will be chasing them later.

He concluded by discouraging the participants to desist from giving excuses for not starting their own ventures. He said, “freedom from prosperity is a possibility and whatever is possible in London is equally possible in Tamale”. He tasked the participants to pick a problem in their community and solve it and that could be the start of their success in life.

In an interview with Tudu News after the presentation, Dr. Fatahi Kambala explained the motive for the seminar. He said, after studying and working in the United Kingdom for over 15 years with his family and understanding the unemployment challenges facing the Ghanaian youth he decided to move the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development to Africa and Ghana was the first point. He explained that as long as we get the fundamentals wrong and not engaging the youth to understand the concepts of entrepreneurship the country is gradually heading towards a big crisis. He revealed that he has moved his entire family from the UK to settle in Ghana to enable him really achieve this entrepreneurship training program. He told Tudu News that, his major target is to deal with the various tertiary institutions in the country and also target civil society organizations to mount pressure on the government to support the idea of entrepreneurship education.

The Executive Director of MUBOS Center, Osman Mubarik Abu who co-facilitated the seminar expressed his satisfaction particularly the content and flow of the presentation. He said, his Center will intensify this collaboration to at least help minimize the youth unemployment in the country.

A participant Ms. Bawah Nazifa who works with the University for Development Studies revealed to Tudu News how the seminar would help shape her mind towards her orange flesh potato juice enterprise called Kelimanjaro juice. She said “one key thing I learned during the presentation was the fact that I will need to acquire specialized knowledge regarding what I want to engage in first before establishing the business. She added that “the seminar truly revealed how I can organize myself to invest towards the future especially the 70/30 module of saving money”.

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