The Northern Regional Police Command yesterday held their final meeting with the Dagbon Center for Leadership and Development (DCLD) over the planned demonstration on Tuesday 13th November 2018 in Tamale.

The meeting which lasted for close to two hours was attended by the entire Northern Regional Police Command, the DCLD and some Zaachis (youth Chiefs). The meeting discussed the routes to be used for the demonstration and other matters regarding the smooth policing of the demonstration.

According to Tudu news source, the police requested the DCLD to propose the routes they intend to use for the demonstration and also brief them how the entire demonstration would look like.

The Liaison and Media Coordinator Mohammed Sayibu in an interaction with Tudu news described the meeting as very friendly a fruitfully. He said the DCLD proposed their routes to the police which was further discussed by the police command. He said the police raised some concerns regarding the proposed routes and offered different routes. According to Mohammed Sayibu, the police was very worried about the general safety and security of the residence of Tamale during and after the demonstration. They humble appealed to the DCLD  to consider the general implication of the demonstration to the people of Tamale.

The DCLD after further discussions with the police finally considered the new routes. He said the demonstrators are expected to used gather at the Jubilee Park at 7:30 am then move through the police headquarters using the Ghana Health Service Louisville road to MTN office to ADB  to Sakasaka road then turn at Afa Ajura’s U-turn through Cal Bank to Water Works road and then down to GRIDCO  and then turn using the forest road to Nyohani roundabout to Aboabo traffic then turn using the West Hospital road to Zoosimli roundabout and then back to the Jubilee Park.  He revealed that the police was very civil and humbled in their interaction with the DCLD and the team.

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