Ghana Senior High School (Ghanasco) on 6th March led all the selected second cycle and basic schools in Tamale and Sagnarigu to match during the 62nd Independence Day anniversary in Tamale.

According to Tudu News Mohammed Gomda a section of staff and Old students of Tamasco accused the organizers of bias toward their School. In their own view, Tamasco deserved to have been leading the entire match instead of Ghanasco. The Tamascans in their  own description glorified their school appearance and performance during the event.

This accusation of bias caused Tudu News to talk to one of the Local Organizing Committee Member to further investigate into the criteria for selecting schools to participate and eventually why Ghanasco led the match.

It was revealed that during the rehearsal the organizers monitored and observed the performances of all the schools especially punctuality, precision, uniformity, the discipline of students and the seriousness of the schools.

The investigation also revealed that during the rehearsal the Tamasco team was very complacent, disorganized and paid little attention to the entire rehearsals. According to the source, the Local Organizing Committee considered eliminating the  Tamasco team but for some considerations, they decided to allow them to participate.

The Local Organizing Committee praised the entire participating schools particularly the various security forces that made the event the very colorful. They also recognized the efforts of all the volunteers who worked very hard prior to and during the event.

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