The Dagbon Center for Leadership Development (DCLD) in collaboration with all youth groups in Dagbon has released a statement indicating their readiness to stage a massive demonstration against the Naa Yiri’s application for Chereponi. In a press Statement released on 31st October in Tamale, the group expressed their preparedness to stand by the Dagbon Traditional Council’s earlier decision not to allow Chereponi to be part of the proposed North East Region.

The statement which was signed by the Liaison Coordinator extended open invitations to all sons and daughters of Dagbon as well as various youth groups, civil society organizations, all political party members, as well as market women to treat this demonstration with all the seriousness it deserves.

The statement also indicated that key Dagbon Chiefs, as well as prominent Dagbon individuals, shall address the demonstrators after the procession at the Tamale Jubilee Park.

According to the Statement, all participants should endeavor to adhere to the ethics of the demonstration, particularly during the procession. The statement further warned all the political parties particularly the NDC and NPP to desist from taking advantage of the demonstration for their political gains. The statement also revealed that the demonstration would take them through the principal streets of Tamale and back to the Jubilee park where the demonstrators shall be addressed.

According to the statement ” the DCLD has considered the street procession as one of several options to reecho the position of the Traditional Council and the entire Dagbon State. It is very clear that the entire Dagbon people are opposed to this move, therefore, the need for the government not to only consider the application of the Naa Yiri as paramount but also consider the opposing position of the entire Dagbon people”.

Tudu News contacted the Liaison Coordinator and he narrated how far the DCLD has gone with the preparations. He said all the Radio stations in Tamale would be engaged in the publicity of the program. He also indicated that the DCLD would also take advantage of the social media to further broadcast the event.

The Coordinator reechoed that, the DCLD have noticed that this particular case is so important to every Dagbon “son” that it cannot be left in the hands of the MPs and other high ranking political appointees but rather demands every Dagbon “son” to also play a vital role in this regard.

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