The Mayor of Tamale, Iddrisu Musah Superior has finally fled to Bristol, UK to attend a summit for Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM) after the presidency snubed a delegation of party executives from Tamale who stormed the Jubilee House on Wednesday to officially demand his dismissal from office.

The summit is bringing global city leaders and international experts together to discuss city leadership and key global challenges at a local level, however the Mayor of the Tamale city, besieged at home by tensions with his party local leadership, will use the opportunity to dodge a storm of protests that continue erupt against his major policy decisions.

Amidst allegations of mismanagement among a raging maelstrom that has bedevilled Musah Superior’s mayorship, the New Patriotic Party executives in the Tamale South and Central constituencies petitioned the president to remove him from office after accusations that portrayed him unfit for the Metropolitan Chief Executive position.

The Tamale South and Central executives of the NPP have accused the Mayor of denying them contracts, insubordination and mismanagement and asked President Nana Addo to remove him from office or they will refuse to carry out party business in protest.

On Wednesday, the executives arrived at the Jubilee House to intensify their calls for the Mayor’s removal. Spokesman for the delegation also the Tamale South’s constituency secretary, Yussif Danjumah had told StarrNews that a copy of the petition had been officially presented to the Chief of Staff and a meeting with president Nana Addo to defend the arguments of their demand had also been scheduled the following day.

But StarrNews sources are now revealing the delegation did not receive a warm reception at the presidency and could not successfully deliver the petition to the Chief of Staff or either his two deputies. The party executives were also allegedly blocked from meeting with the president on the matter.

The development is likely to exacerbate the already flaming anger of the party executives who had earlier given the president an option to choose between them and the Mayor. The spokesman for the delegation refused to comment about the alleged hostile treatment meted out to them by the presidency when contacted by StarrNews.

The Mayor has denied the allegations and called the latest intensification of the executives as “spurious” and added, “until the president decides otherwise, I will remain firm and focused on the job”.

In a press statement, the Mayor confirmed leaving for the three day summit but said he would stay in the United Kingdom for two weeks, without giving details for the extension of the trip. It is, however widely believed the extension was to provide a safe refugee for the Mayor from the relentless storm and internal fighting back home.

This is despite a government temporal ban on foreign travels by all government officials.

The Mayor’s ruthless “Tamale Project” policy to restore societal discipline has incurred widespread dissatisfactions.

Under this project, Musah Superior has launched a crackdown to remove hawkers and petty traders from streets of the Central Business District to ensure free traffic and boost productivity.

In a city where at least more than 10 schoolchildren completely quit school every week to join peers who engaged in internet scam or lucrative tricycle business, the Mayor moved to remove squatters from the forest reserve and arrest minors driving tricycle.

He also imposed a sweeping restrictions on children under 10 years, banning them from roaming on the town streets beyond 10pm. He also targeted prostitutes and brothel operators and sacked nearly 300 young ladies trading sex back to their countries- most of them from Nigerian, Niger, Togo and Benin.

The project however has been embroiled in confusion as the traders became defiance refusing to stop selling on the streets and walkways. The squatters in the forest also threatened to vote against the NPP.

The party regional organizer, Alhaji Rashid Salifu COP came out to publicly condemn the operations and called for it to be immediately suspended whiles pledging support for the street hawkers and squatters.

All these chaoses were triggered by a botched impeachment intent by assemblymen of the Tamale Metropolitan just than three months after the rubber-stamped into office last year.

The assemblymen had accused him of corruption and mismanagement and wanted to trigger a no confidence vote to remove him from office but later abandoned the exercise after an exhaustive interventions and massive support from his own party members.

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