It would be recalled that on the 14th of October, 2018 the Regent of Dagbon who also doubles as the Acting President of Dagbon Traditional Council Kampakuya Naa Abdulai Yakubu conveyed a meeting in Tamale to discuss among other things a request from the Naa Yiri to release Chereponi to be part of the proposed North East Region.

The Overlord deemed it important and a kind of respect to extend invitations to key stakeholders and not only restrict the participation to the  Chiefs but this time respectfully include all Members of Parliament and MMDCs within the Dagbon Traditional Council.

In a Tudu News interaction with the Registrar of the Dagbon Traditional Council Mohammed Adam Gariba, the Overlord considered this particular meeting as very crucial and therefore directed him to ensure that all these legislatures, key government appointees as well as the DCEs be invited because their inputs would be very relevant regarding this particular agenda for the said meeting.

He narrated how the Overlord personally placed premium on those invitations and continued to pressure him to ensure that each and every MP and DCE received the invitation letter. He recounted with resentment how the entire exercise of inviting these “people” cost the DTC in terms of money and time.

He said it was very heart breaking to the entire DCT the manner the invitations were treated with disrespect without recourse to the honour done them by the Overlord.

He was very quick to praise the MP for Chereponi for responding to the invitation.  He noted that the invitation letter for the MP for Chereponi was dispatched through Fedex the same time with other 14 MPs but they all ignored it and rather claimed they received the invitation very late therefore their inability to honour the invitation.

The Registrar vividly recalled how he personally made efforts to reach out to some of the invitees particularly those of them whom he could have reach in Tamale. He specifically indicated that the MCE for Yendi and Sagnarigu for instance personally received the invitation letters and promised to definitely be part of that important meeting but however failed to come and could not even deem it fit to offer any excuse for their absence. He added that, he again personally presented the Mayor of Tamale’s letter to his office which was subsequently acknowledged by one Abu Rafiq the special Assistant to the Mayor. He said every assurance was given by Mayor Superior through his Aid that indicated his participation but in the end he also declined.

He further revealed that one Sadik who is an Assistant Director with the Tatale Sanguli District Assembly received the invitations of Zabzugu and Tatale District Chief Executives respectively. The said Sadik later reported that those letters were delivered the subsequent day.

He recalled how he personally handed the Regent of Tolon and the DCE for Tolon letters to one Mohammed who is a brother to the Regent. Tudu new later  confirmed with the Said Mohammed and he established receiving those letters. According the Said Mohammed he handed the DCE’s letter to one Gaosu who is a Special Assistant to the DCE. Later the said Gaosu confirmed delivering the DCE’s letter to her.

Tudu news investigations further revealed that one Fatawu who works with Tamale Teaching Hospital and a native of Kumbungu received the Kumbungu Naa and the DCE’s letters which he confirmed delivering both letters timely. The Kumbungu Naa honoured it whiles the DCE declined.

The Registrar again indicated that he delivered the DCEs for Karaga and Savelugu to their Planning Officers respectively.

The Registrar expressed his frustrations particularly during this exercise of delivering invitation letters to them. It is evident per this narration from the Registrar that majority of politicians in Dagbon are not reachable as compare to their counter parts in other areas in Ghana.

The Registrar hinted how he struggled to reach the MPs particularly the MP for Tamale Central who was in town with the former President John Dramani Mahama. According him he made several efforts just to personally inform him and deliver the letter but all proved futile. He indicated that he finally reached out with one Farouk the MP’s junior brother who declined to take the letter but rather referred him to the Tamale Central NDC Chairman Farouk Kanawu who also declined and further directed him to the Constituency Secretary one Yussif. Finally the constituency Secretary received the invitation and promised to deliver it to the MP. Tudu News confirmed that the letter was later sent to Hon. Inusah Fuseini via whassap.

In the entire investigations, Tudu News observed that the MP who was extremely difficult to find was the MP for Tamale North Hon. Alhassan Suhiyini. The Registrar described how he met a number of his associates and they all declined to receive the letter. In the end he had to add his letter to the “untraceable” MPs.

Tudu news discovered that the Registrar personally handed over the MP for Karaga Hon. Alhassan Dandawa to him in his Gumani home. The MP further requested to take delivery of the Minority Leader’s letter which he promised to deliver personally to him. However he was quick to inform the Registrar that he Hon. Haruna Iddrisu was out of town and was scheduled to be returning soon. He further informed the Registrar that he was also scheduled to travel but might return before the meeting date.

Tudu News investigations revealed that the Registrar expended monies to post fourteen (14) invitation letters to those MPs who could not be contacted directly in Tamale. According to information gathered, on the 6th of October 2018, the Registrar registered invitation letters through Fedex Tamale office to be delivered to those MPs. Per the records of the courier service all the letters were delivered on the 8th of October at Parliament house to one Eric who is in charge of mail services. It is crystal clear that the following MPs had their letters delivered to them; Nanton, Tolon, Kumbungu, Savelugu, Yendi, Gushegu, Zabzugu, Tatale, Sagnarigu, Tamale North, Mion, Chereponi, and the two members of Council of States.

Sadly, the attitude of the  Dagbon political “elite” offered the Northern Regional Minister fertile ground to also openly declined the invitation without any respect to the DTC. According to the Registrar the Northern Regional Minister Hon. Salifu Saed was invited by virtue of his position as the political Head of the Region and his inputs could have been considered seriously. In the light of all these the Regional Minister added to the tall list of those who treated the DTC with disrespect.

Tudu news findings indicated that on the meeting day  Hon. Haruna Iddrisu called in to express his regret for not honouring the invitation as a result of his scheduled outside the country. The Registrar hinted further that Prof. Naa Nantogmah a member of Council of State briefly reported at the meeting and later requested to attend to another important event.

The reactions of the MPs after the fallout of the DTC meeting on the 14th of October is clear that they did not consider the DTC meeting and the entire Dagbon State as important as their respective political parties.

Tudu news interacted with some youth of Dagbon who are angered by the disrespect exhibited by the MPs and the MMDCEs towards the DTC. They accused them of neglecting the Dagbon State at the time that Dagbon needed their inputs at a critical stage when every ethnic group in Ghana is strategically working for their own region. The youth claimed the politicians appear to be exhibiting little or no concerns over this regional demarcation and its matters arising. They called on the youth youth and the entire citizens of Dagbon to resist this attitude of the political elite and mount pressure on them to be responsive especially on Dagbon issue.




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