I have read from joynews,some minister saying the creation of new regions would not affect one ethnic group from paying allegiance to the ethnic group they owe allegiance to. This is rubbish. What have we not seen…

This is what will happen if we allow the territory of Dagombas land to be given to Maprugu or Gonjas.

*Those groups who owe allegiance to Yaa-Naa but in other regions in the next decade (10years) would be influenced by education elites and politicians to detach them self from Dagombas and rather pay allegiance to Naa Yiri of Our brothers Maprugu… And this shall cause an ethnic war …created by who?=NPP

*Dagombas shall not only lose the allegiance but the total area of land in Cheripuni area. Who caused it?= NPP

Now, let me allege the mystery behind the modern demon NPP and their plans for northerners.

* The demon NPP never wants the northern belt to be united in any form so to compete Ashanti kingdom in terms of unity and strength. And their target is on Dagbang, Nanung, and Mamprugu all from one grandfather.

The demon NPP is very smart in their calculations and always make sure that they left no traces. But it’s only a wise person who can see this with eagle eye…

I will alleged that any northerner within the three northern regions whose by effort tempting to be someone in the demon party NPP, will be plotted by all means to use his or her left hand to point at his home so that the whole world in a wrong perception would see how ungrateful such a person is. In fact, they would use such a person and dump him or her. Eg. The case of Paul Afoku former national chairman of NPP, Our father the late veep Alhaji Aliu Mahama and many more in the past even yet to hit on Dr. Bawumia. Because the Akans would never even in their dreams to allow Dr. Bawumia or northerner to lead NPP.

Perhaps, I will say sorry to my Akan friends for seeing me like this today. Am speaking the truth.

The lesson, NPP is not northerners party.

Before the demon NPP came to power in the year 2000, there were rumors that Yaa-Naa would be murdered if NPP comes to power. This rumor sparked tension in Dagbang and the demon NPP came out boldly and said they would never do such a thing speaking on their voices but as soon as we gave them power in the year 2000, the overlord of Dabgang was murdered in cold blood at Yendi for good three days attacked mission with all borders closed. Hhh all these happened because:

*they want to weaken the strength of Yaa-Naa( Dagbang) to the advantage of Ashanti kingdom.

* Yaa-Naa at the national house of chiefs was always highly respected by others and by both foreigners and locals. And was also seen as a threat to the Ashanti kingdom as a great kingdom.

Today, the demon NPP is back with plan B of destroying Dagombas with this so-called creation of new regions but covers it with development. No one wants war.

You see something, Dagombas are now at the verge of forgiving each other about the past and calling it’s folks to a united kingdom and,  this demon NPP realized it and smartly reasoned beyond calm. Remember Mamprugu, Yagbong and Nanung and others in the north on, one or two reasons would be needed to unite Dagbang. And for that reason, the demon NPP uses this territory issue to separate these kingdoms forever so that Dagbang can never be united.

If these great kingdoms are having the feud over territory issue, now who would consult whom to unite who?

All in the name of development.

And the disgusting thing here is that You will see Dagombas following this demon NPP hoping to lead the party at the national level. I still allege that, if you are a northern businessman their, you will make a lot of money but don’t attempt to be someone in NPP.

Dagbang is bigger than NPP — NDC.

We must rise up and wise up.

Cheripuni area is going nowhere..

The evil plot now is to create a war between Dagombas and our brothers Mamprusi. But I tell you … We would never fight.

Mind you, I do not hate NPP and am not speaking for NDC in this write-up.

We want peace to prevail in Dagbang, Nanung, and Mamprugu.

If this government in it’s duty to protect the lives and properties of its citizenry as a constitutional mandate then,  the demarcation of Cheripuni into North East Region must be stopped immediately.

Am not also against our brothers Mamprusgu from getting their own region. I will suggest that another district should be created within the Mamprugu territory to add up to the existing districts in order to give birth to the region.

Elites in education, politics, and others must stop fueling the harm.

We are aware people are underground pushing some youth in Cheripuni to say they want to be in North East Region all in the name of becoming regional minters, DCEs, directors, and co. So that if there is a war tomorrow, they would fly their family to abroad at the expense of the taxpayers to get more and better education to come back when there is calm to rule again.

People can’t talk because of fear of victimization or threat of losing a job.

Observers are watching.

Respectfully submitted.

Issah Abdul-Somed


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